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I am constantly amazed by Miuccia Prada's innovation. She completely revitalized that brand.That phone is much more stylish than the gaudy Dolce and Gabbana Razr that was released last year.


i read that tri-band GSM phones designed for the European market don't work optimally in the US. still, this phone is undeniably stylish.


Kim, I totally agree.

Actually, shopdiary, they do--you just need a Sim card for the US. I had one on t-mobile activated for global roaming. Most of the phones offered by Cingular and T-mobile are tri-band.

Haute Girl

i love it and i want one. it's very sleek and reminiscent of sleek prada stores.


I love that phone. I love the look of it...very compact & sleek!!!


Looks great! But I am waiting for the iPhone... :P


It's very nice. I want one. Does it come with the girl? It reminds me of the controllers for the Intelvision Video Game Unit, circa 1981. I always thought they were accidentally a triumph of design. When I was 6 years old, anyway.






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