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Calm. Down.

First of all, you really ought to link to Julie's post before you go off about it. Otherwise *your* post won't trackback, and everyone, myself included, will be *even more amused* by the situation ;)

As a new blogger, Julie probably did you a favor by writing her post. It's already gotten you my attention (since I had to turn off trackbacks to stop comment spam on both my blog and Coutorture) and the traffic from her readers.

Also, again, just calm down, take this in stride, enjoy the spotlight, and get on with blogging :)


Thanks, Phil. I'm calm now.

I had my feelings hurt. I just was not expecting that reaction at all since I wasn't even aware of AG's post and then thought I was trying out the whole trackback thing with yours.


It's ok. In order for trackbacks to work you need to link to a specific post, not just the main site. But then again it doesn't really matter anymore.

Lesley from Fashiontribes

I originally got your trackbacks when you were adding your thoughts to the Fashiontribes comments on Millionaire Socialite's demand curve analysis of the premium denim market.

If you had been trying to rip people off, I doubt you would have taken the time to email & trackback people - so don't stress, no one thinks you're a rip-off artist. And like Phil said in the above post, enjoy the spotlight. :)

Stella Kae

nice to see how full of themselves and condescending everyone has always been.

ok, i really need to stop digging in the crates and get back to work here. hehe.

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