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Skinny jeans, diffused:


Also, I wrote a quick post explaining how to pick trends out of the adoption curve:

"Long story short, coolhunting is a hit-or-miss tactic that relies on identifying obscure but interesting bits of culture whereas trendspotting is best done by spotting memes that have already been taken up by early adopters and are on their way into the mainstream."


I hope you aren't suggesting that I got inspiration from you again. Because that is absolutely not the case. Just making sure.


Just adding to the discussion :)

"By the way, if your perception of this diffusion differs significantly from my own I would love to talk about it with you. It's fascinating to know what others' perceptions are; they often influence our own."


If you were just being friendly, thanks for the links.

Account Deleted

As a fan of Malcolm Gladwell *and* fashion, this was a great read. I recall a friend of mine, an innovator, having cowboy boots in early 2004. I liked hers but she'd found them in a thrift store and there was no equivalent to anywhere. By the time they were widely available, I was sick of them. However, I love the oxfords I got about a month ago from amazon of all places. It's great to see how diffusion affects fashion choices (ie: saturation vs rarity.)

Stella Kae

I accidentally came across this post while googling things regarding my beloved oxfords obsession-lol-and I have to say, this is probably one of your best posts ever.

monika mae

what is your opinion about adoption of fashion and diffusion theory within and between cultures and nations...????

monika mae

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If you were just being friendly, thanks for the links.

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