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Thank heavens I work in a creative industry where no dress codes apply (infact the more creative you are with your clothing the more creative you're considered to be!). I think I'd be most displeased at being told what to wear at 35 years old!

Your blog in very unique and I read it often with great interest I must say.


sorry, you must be joking when you said this oracle dress code is good. truly? i stopped reading once it told female staff to *shave* their facial hair before going out or meeting clients.
i like your blog but this example is ridiculous and crude. you could have done better, surely.


Thanks for your comments, M and e.

e, I suggest you take a closer look at the Oracle dress code. It doesn't suggest that females shave their facial hair--in fact, it actually says "no facial hair please," which I would interpret as, "please be sure to wax your lip as mustaches on women are distracting and detract from a professional appearance." I think the dress code is good because it addresses such issues. Also, it should be pretty clear from the pictures that the Oracle dress code was written with a sense of humor--it's not meant to be completely serious.

Anyway, I appreciate your being so candid!


I had thought your articale was very informative untill the referance to oracle. I also found that page in my reasearch, and found it very insulting. Even if it was writen with humor, it the way it was worded, like how men are sugested not to put on too much calougne, and women are warned they could get sued if their purfuem is too strong, the warnign should be on both. Also, not allowing women to wear pants is jsut not right. In your articale you talk about comfort and sense of self. supporting the other article breaks that down. Also, the general tone to anything other than a fortune 500 company is inferior is not releven in this day and age either. so thank you, but if you say that is a good example of a dress code then you must be really out of the loop.

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It’s interesting and fun to see things from the other side of the gender coin. It’s often not too terribly different.Thanks, friend.

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