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Kathleen Fasanella

Personally, I really don't care; designers have became a dime a dozen to the extent that the essentials don't matter anymore. Horyn says:

What feels less familiar is the lack of interest in the talent they represent -- for skillful cutting, a refined color sense or for communicating emotion. These gifts, along with a strong sense of identity, are probably a designer's most valuable assets. Yet lately they have been devalued, like an out-of-date sweater, as much by a jangling, ''what do I get out of it'' culture as by a greediness and mistrust that seem to exist between designers and corporate owners.

Horyn makes the point that these skills have been devalued but I'd ask by whom. Designer wantabes or critics? Both? Imo, far too frequently, it's the designer. In such case, I don't pity them. If you leave the standards by the wayside, there is no way to measure you then either, so you really can't complain when you're discarded. You're nothing but a fad yourself. Who cares?

There will always be room for people who are good, period. People who are smart, have their skills aligned and keep their egos in check. You're not a rock star and this isn't brain surgery and you're not a boon to humanity, saving lives or anything. Planetary priorities are changing. In the meantime, keep it real. Prima donnas are so tiring.


Ah! How interesting to hear someone who studied economics comment.

I agree that there will always be room for people who are good. And that's why I disagree with Horyn's dramatic take on the situation.

I admit though I am caught up in following certain designers and hoping that they will keep their egos in check and make smart business decisions. ;)Or perhaps it's just that I appreciate their work and am excited about seeing equally interesting work in the future--which there should always be (even if it's by new and different designers) based on my argument above.

I hadn't thought about it earlier, but perhaps the part of reason some of the newer designers are so appealing is the fact that they have not developed a prima donna attitude.

All in all, thanks for the comment!


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