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Because I'm not a millionaire, I like to give to local charities here in my own community, whether it be my time, money or resources. It is satisfying to actually see my contributions being utilized right here in my own backyard.

But I'm totally for the Breast Cancer Awareness and the RED campaign (and others.) If I have the opportunity to support those causes through something that I was already planning on getting, then I definitely will (like buying the red ipod over another color.)

The only thing that bugs me about this is when the company doesn't tell you the exact dollar amount of their contribution. If I'm buying a $50 product that cost the manufacturer $15 to make and they're contributing $1 to the charity, I'd much rather just donate the $50 myself! Because when they say "a portion" goes to the charity, you just never know!


Bono said something about "people will say we're selling out by using big corporations, and maybe we are, but shit, if we are giving opportunities to people that wouldn't have them, what's the f*!@ing problem." And, actually, I agree with that. Gap's making money, like it always does, but so is some town in Africa. Everyone's a winner. Simplistic I know, but everything is a compromise in life.


As a fellow academic who is interested in fashion, I want to say that I really enjoy your blog. The phenomenon of 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR) is of course not a new one. But it is one whose ever changing nuances (and the lengths taken in order to construct and evolve corporate branding in a hyperconfigured way) continue to fascinate me.


I had a similar conversation with a friend about the yellow bracelets associated with lance armstrong and his initiatives w/cancer research. While the campaign has benevolent intentions and it's great to place a cause with a face or a color or a brand, I worry that branding ultimately makes a cause "trendy" and as we all know in fashion, trends come and go.

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