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Johnica J. Garrett

hmm im going to order a pair tomorrow


thanks for letting us know. from the photo, it looks like it's well cushioned at least. please post an update when you get to see them in person. =0)


Very interesting...thanks for posting.


I just read about some similar flats from the Gap in this month's Bazaar magazine (with Jlo on the cover). I have not seen them in real life, and consider that they are from the Gap, but you never know.


topshop in the uk has a better pair. they look more like the lanvin ones and less cheap.
try see if they have any on the website, they now do international shipping to the us.


check out maloles' new flats. i dont know where to get them online but a pic is on


Gap also has a nice substitute, in satin and leather (unfortunately no patent), and only $40.


Just got the Dillon flats by Linea Paolo at Nordstrom for $79.95. Not bad and much more comfortable than the Nine West ones.

johnica J. Garrett

I got the SFA version in pewter today. Very comfty and only $60 with my coupon!


i have a pair of the sax brand and they do look like lanvins, BUT they sure dont wear like the real thing.

i finally got a pair of the lanvins when they went on sale and i havent worn my pair from sax since...i just ordered a second pair of the lanvins (camel color) bc they got marked down again... i would encourage anyone who wants a pair of lanvins to call capitol in charlotte, nc and ask them if they have any of them marked down 70% (they're only $150 now!) left.... michele is a doll! i have them in my speed dial so that i can find out abt sale items first! xx~ good luck!


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