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So true :).Bags have really become a tool to compete among women...Like nothing else...


P.S. And I think the reason for that is the dramatic increase of budgets for handbags and accessories marketing.Especially during the recent years. For example, i remember few years ago Printemps (the department store in Paris), didn't have separate shops for bags. Now , half of the second floor is dedicated to shops of YSL, Chanel, Prada, bags....

candid cool

ha ha, one of the women is probably me, dwarfed by a gigantic bag.


Both hilarious and true!


I heard that sunglasses are the new handbags because of the fewer barriers to entry to first time consumers. I wonder if they will get bigger and bigger too...


wouldnt it be less expensive to produce bigger bags than smaller bags due to economies of scale. larger outputs enables a firm to obtain lower priced inputs.


I think that's totally true.I have to admit that I'm into the larger bags to AND the oversized sunglasses are one of my favorites!:)



A huge bag is all you need so you won't forget a thing at home!


Haha I think this is hilarious! I actually prefer to carry around small bags unless I am toting books around, so I don't really agree with it, but I know some girls love their big bags! great blog! =)

Laura Eyles

Genius!!!! That is me!!! My excuse is I like to be prepared for every occasion - the only problem is I am a very small 5ft 1 so I look even smaller against my enormous but very beautiful bag!!! x


Oh, I just LOVE the big bags. I live in NYC and the best is when someone gets on a really crowded train and "rests" her bag on you......that's a thrill! Yeah, I lust after them, but I also tend to hate on the big bag. :)


This is an interesting intersection of aesthetics and economics.

In the past, it was a sign of wealth and privilege to carry as small a handbag as possible (and no shopping bags). It meant you you could afford lots of help to schlepp and tote for you, and to keep the car waiting at the curb to take you from one place to the next. Conversely, a large handbag was a sign of less economic fortune: you had to carry everything around yourself for lack of servants, you likely had to work and so did not have the luxury of time to go home and change, and had to drag everything along with you.

Now, though, I think "bigger means better" just because of $$ signs: design houses can simply charge more for larger goods, on the basis that they take more work and material to produce. Material, yes, but work? Probably not. I think it takes a lot more effort to make something small really well vs. something large.



i don't think the size of the bag really matters. Sometimes girls are into big bags when the time calls for it and sometimes girls are into small bags. Last season it was big bags, but who knows what will come next, right?
By the way, I just started a fashion blog and I have put you on my links section, is that okay with you?


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Kenny Surtani


That is so true! One of the glorious things you could predic about what men and women fight amidst them :-)

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Bag Nut

That looks like me & my friend, talking about guys while 'hiding' behind our huge bags. Minus the sunglasses, of course. It has become a ritual of sorts, to see who has brought the bigger bag today. Of course, we know what each other has in her closet, so it's really fun trying to guess what she's going to bring.


Possibly there is a practical reason to make handbags so enormous (capacity to bring more things different places) but I wonder if the real reason is for handbag manufacturers to make more of a profit simply from the larger size of these handbags?
The cartoon is funny, though.

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Any size as long as it is beautiful, however the most practical for me is a big bag, and good compartments, otherwise I embarrass myself by packing out everything.
Women and their handbags what can you say?

Couture Carrie

ha! So cute . . . my friends always joke that I could move into my huge Sissi Rossi hobo. 'Tis true!

Rent a Purse

Hahahaha. So true! But the best designer bags are wayyyyy too expensive. That's why you should rent them!


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Ha-ha! I have a huge bag, so I feel like the joke is on me. Funny.

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