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i wonder if they still have one of those star shoes....lovely!

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Love the shoes very nice.

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Go where he will, the wise man is at home His harth the earth, his hall the azure dome.

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I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards.

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Recently, I didn’t give so much thought to writing comments on blog entries and have left comments even less. Checking out your insightful page, will probably encourage me to do so more regularly.


C’est cool ! Votre article est cool!

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OMG, Jerry! You're the reason the Heels lost? They were winning until you decided to actually watch one of their games? Let me guess, you tuned in for the eerily similar loss for the Carolina women's team, too, didn't you? Didn't You?!

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Tous d’accord sur votre opinion.

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Yes, I feel the nostalgia for better days in these stars and stripes designs. It is the same with my local line and friend


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Is the product meant to appeal to the growing numbers of customers in emerging economies, for whom the stars and stripes may feel exotic?

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These seems durable too...


It’s interesting and fun to see things from the other side of the gender coin. It’s often not too terribly different.Thanks, friend.

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Those little stars look cute on the sandals.

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I think you are right when you say this. Hats off man, what a superlative knowledge you have on this subject…hope to see more work of yours.


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I love the shoes with a stars it looks really beautiful. great post!


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