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Kiss Kiss Beauty

Mmm, I am loving the sculptural lines, especially the grey suit at right! Beautiful.


I too love the sculptural lines- that Jil Sander coat is to die for! And let me just say, I am so glad you're back. I absolutely adore your blog!


i'm so psyched that florals are working well into fall...that way i don't feel guilty picking up so many of the pieces this spring/summer


Yes the outfits are all quite nice, i find the 1st one on the last row very well designed.

Always In Style

I especially love those architectural cuts - very modern while the peplum keeps it vintage.


love the sculpted look, i have to get my hands on the grey coat this season (jil sander i believe?)

if i could just get my hands on one for a day i could probably get my tailor to make it for 1/50th of the price!

if anyone wants to lend me their they are welcome :P

xx - me


While the exaggerated shoulders are giving me an 80's feel, I'm loving the lace and the architecture (I hope my patternmaking friends feel the same way, tee hee). I'm happy about the florals, as the depth of color doesn't make them look spring-like.

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I love the new style!


I am so excited about the architectural lines in the structural looks for fall. totally up my alley.

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I adore everything Balenciaga this season!


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Some great designs, thanks for sharing.


They are all pretty but the floral and lace was my favorite among them all, I love the style! very glamorous!


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